Multi-award winning and irresistibly smooth Swiss masterpiece Kaltbach Creamy Gruyere  will entice you with its extra portion of the finest Swiss cream. 


Kaltbach Alpine Creamy is a relative newcomer to the Kaltbach caves. It has a particularly melt-in-the-mouth, creamy texture due to an extra portion of cream.


The sandstone Kaltbach caves can be found within the Santenberg mountain in Switzerland. Cheeses have been matured in these caves since the 1950s. This cheese is matured in the Kaltbach caves for 5 months. During this time it develops a creamy, buttery texture and a strong, mature taste. The cheese achieves its creamy texture due to being enhanced with an extra portion of cream . When combined with the tangy aromas of the Kaltbach caves a unique cheese is created. It has all of the qualities that you would expect from an alpine cheese. Rich and savoury with a hint of freshly mown grass, this cheese never fails to excite the tastebuds.


Try Kaltbach Alpine Creamy with a chilled glass of Chenin Blanc or for something a bit different, pair it with iced green tea!


Ingredients (Allergens are listed in capitals)

MILK, starter cultures, rennet, salt, cream (MILK)


£6.95 (approx. 200g)




Kaltbach Cave-Aged - Swiss - 200g approx