Four of the very best artisan cheeses from the continent -  plus large, crunchy sourdough crackers. Approximately 1kg of cheese - enough for 6-8 people.


Complete with tasting and pairing notes, hay-wrapped - with handwritten greeting card if required, at no extra cost.


Free delivery to SO41 or £4.99 UK-wide.


Brillat Savarin - a luciously rich & decadent triple-cream soft 200g


Comte - Fruity, nutty, tangy & delicious 250g


Brie de Meaux AOC - Soft & unctuous with a complex flavour 250g


Montagnolo Affine - a delicious blue triple-cream  250g


Plus - Peter's Yard - large, crunchy sourdough crackers 200g

'A Continental Christmas' Selection